A new feature release version of Legify is available at:


Beyond a number of measurement improvements, rendering of technic pins is now implemented.

I have just completed the finishing touches on Technic pin support:


I’ve been developing a FreeCAD macro for a while which uses the PartDesign workbench: https://github.com/vectronic/freecad-legify-macros

I’m just wrapping up support for rendering technic pins (work in progress screenshot below) and this effort has led me to a few more nuggets of information relating to PartDesign and Python scripting in FreeCAD.

I reached a milestone last weekend with a successful render of a brick assembly in FreeCAD.


Presented here is a somewhat terse step-by-step guide to installing a working version of FreeCAD 0.19 on macOS Big Sur using Conda.

Additional bonus steps explain how to use the new FreeCAD Extension Manager to install the Assembly4 Workbench and the Render Workbench (with rendering performed by Cycles).

If you use a 3DConnextion SpaceMouse I can report these steps will produce a build which supports it.


The plan for Flowscripter has always included the following goals:

  • Use TypeScript.
  • Use dynamic import of ES modules.
  • Rely on existing module dependency directives to auto-install plugin dependencies i.e. not inventing a new module dependency framework.
  • Providing Flowscripter as a single downloadable binary with no need for pre-installed dependencies e.g. Node.js, ffmpeg.
  • Support native extensions written in Rust.