A bugix version of Legify is available at:


It provides improvements to measurements and rendering based on using the macro generated parts in Assembly V4 and TechDraw workbenches.

Example TechDraw diagrams for individual parts and assemblies are provided below.

Last year I provided some FFmpeg patches to support ICC Profiles stored within MP4 (and MOV) files.

The patches were recently merged into master and will therefore be available in the next FFmpeg release.

\( ゚ヮ゚)/

ICC profiles can be stored in MOV/MP4 sample descriptor colour information atoms. The relevant extract from the ISO standard is:


The latest and most likely last version of Legify is available at:


I’ve achieved my goals with this project, which were to:

  • Get to grips with FreeCAD and parametric modelling concepts: sketches, constraints, datum planes etc.
  • Learn Python and use it for FreeCAD scripting

I’m now moving on to learn about assemblies and technical drawings.