I’ve been developing a fairly complex macro for FreeCAD and wanted to re-run it after making code changes without having to restart FreeCAD.

I found this forum posting which gave me the answer.

This post was discussing reloading code for workbenches and GUI Commands (which has some caveats) and it also works perfectly for macros.

I have a multi-file macro setup as discussed in this post. The entry point is a .FCMacro file with the following:

from Legify.Dialog import *

From within the FreeCAD Python console, the macro dialog can be displayed for the first time with:

>>> from Legify import Dialog
>>> Dialog.Dialog()

To reload and redisplay the dialog when code has been modified:

reload(Dialog); Dialog.Dialog()

If you need to update sub-modules, they need to be reloaded (as well as the parent module loading them) e.g.:

>>> from Legify import Brick; from Legify import Body
>>> reload(Body); reload(Brick); reload(Dialog); Dialog.Dialog()

NOTE: If you are using Python 3, you will first need to import the reload module:

from importlib import reload
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